Who is this membership for?

It's for the beginner or the advanced artisan. Whether you are a beginner to artistic decor finishes or advanced. You don't have to know how to apply finishes to a wall. These workshops can be applied to many surfaces such as walls, furniture, canvases or home decor.

Stacey Van Gundy

Stacey Van Gundy is the leading "go to" person in the furniture painting industry. She has ran a lucrative Home Decor Artist biz for the past 18+ years. Stacey continues to create amazing finishes on furniture, walls and cabinetry for designers, homeowners, and contractors.

What's Included:

Here is what you can expect each and every month from me:

  • Monthly Artistic Workshop Training

    Each month you will receive one workshop a month that can be implemented on a wall, canvas, furniture, cabinet or home decor piece.

  • Private FB Community

    Join our private Facebook community where you can learn from one another and post your finished projects. This is a community of supportive fellow artisans to come together and share, collaborate, support!

  • Live Bonus Workshop Each Month!

    We will spend 2 weeks per month implementing the artistic decor finish you have learned on a larger scale surface. Whether it be a wall, canvas or piece of furniture. I will come on the group live and the tutorials will be loaded onto your dashboard.

Bonus material

  • Live Q&A

    We will do a live Q&A where you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions from a business perspective, artistic perspective or personal.

  • Written Instructions

    Receive downloadable step by step instructions along with a list of products & tools.

  • Member Only Site

    Access to all past tutorials and instructions all in one place!

My commitment to you:

  • I will give you my 150%

  • Answer all your questions as promptly as I can using all my past 20+ years of experience in the decor artist industry.

  • Help you to become the best artisan you can be!

Social proof: testimonials

Staging Wall Workshop

I had the pleasure of taking Stacey’s staging wall workshop this past year. I have to tell you that I learned so much! Her class not only provided instruction on how to create a textured wall finish, but also provided tips on lighting, selecting the appropriate wall color, staging and showcasing your painted beauties. I highly recommend Stacey, she has years of experience and is a warm and encouraging teacher. Thank you Stacey! Regina Lambert The Salvaged Heart

Asian Champagne Workshop

“I love this finish! The workshop was easy to follow and I would definitely take another one from Stacey! I love the idea I can go back and review our steps and continue – to me that’s the best feature!” -Tracey

This is an investment in you!

I am here to help you along your journey of investing in yourself as an artist!

Let's do this together!